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Committee Business Plan 0 W. Kenning The Association's Business Plan identifies a number of tasks assigned to the committee.  It also states the Association's goals and objectives with many of these items affecting the committee work plan.   I have noticed that many of the issues the committee is dealing at the present time with are not the 'critical' issues.  While some of them are timely and important they do not align well with the 'big' picture when viewed at the Association level.   The immediate work product the committee needs to produce is the Communications Plan.  This plan should address all of the Association's goals and objectives and layout the tasks and time table that the committee is going to follow to accomplish this work.   I would recommend that the committee carefully examine the Association's Business Plan and formulate its 2019 Communication Plan to align with the Association's Business Plan.   Maybe we need to form a subcommittee or group to develop an outline of the Communication Plan?   What do you think?
by W. Kenning
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Publications & Media Action Items 0 W. Kenning The committee needs to assess how the Association's news/press releases, publications, media contacts/actions and advertisers info should be implemented.   Right now the top-level 'Media' menu is the home for media related activities.  This includes some publication related items and a 'Water In The News' web page.   Other publications such as the Kachina News archive is tucked under the top-level 'Resources' menu.  There are also come articles and Association promotional videos tucked under the 'Resources' menu.  In my opinion, all of these items should be relocated and consolidated under the 'Media' menu.   The 'Resources' menu should be a depository of information (i.e. resources) for the general public, members and the water and wastewater industry including subcategories targeted at various sub-groups such as operators engineers, utility managers/staff, manufacturers, academia, etc.   Effectively, what I am proposing is that the outreach and public face of the Association for all media and publication activities should be under the 'Media' menu while the 'Resources' menu should be a depository of support material.   The first task for the committee is to determine how this should be organized from a business perspective and on the website.  The second task is to create the menu/sub-menus structure to implement this plan.  The third task should be to generate content under each menu/sub-menu category.   What do you think?
by W. Kenning
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Member Services Committee Action Items 0 W. Kenning One of the agenda items we need to work on completing is the top-level Members menu and its submenus. See the attached image of the existing menu/submenus.   While the content will need to be updated/generated by the Member Services Committee, our committee should take the lead on the following tasks: Complete the 'Membership Benefits' submenu web page with the Member Services' Committee providing the direction/content. For example, the tri-fold flyer needs to incorporated into the new web page. Revise the existing 'Join' website functionality to: Separate out the embedded membership benefits language from the registration process. It has been moved to #1. Revise the registration process to address the "join a committee' prompting. Incorporate any improvements to the registration process. This work may required a contractor (e.g. Mike Zduniak) to complete. as some portions of the registration process are deeply tied to the back-end and the out-of-box Your Membership website functionality. Delete the 'About Us->Membership Benefits and Registration' submenu once it has been completely replaced by #1 and #2. Implement Member Services forum(s). I dummied in a link to some of the existing forums to give you an idea what forums are about. I envision the Members Services forum(s) to include support for new/existing members. But, this is something the Members Services Committee and Board will need to provide some direction. Provide any enhanced members support and information functionality with new submenus. For example website usage tutorial and perhaps a membership directory. AZ Water use to have a printed Members Directory (circa 2006). Why not an online Members Directory? Implement additional features/functionality when/as identified.   This action item is somewhat a long term undertaking. But, it is included in the Business Plan for this Committee!   What do you think?
by W. Kenning
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
December 2018 1 S. Schwarz Have we decided on a new date for our in=person meeting?
by K. Chan
Friday, December 14, 2018
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